Monday, November 14, 2011

Common Dance Injury's Part Two

Common Dance injury's part Two

In this post I am going to write about two common dance injury's to the foot . That could be avoided by common sense and good foot care.
The first one is plantar fasclitis.
Plantar Fasclitis: Is by definition "is a overuse injury effecting the sole of the foot.

Most common complaint is the foot hurts when I walk barefoot .Especially first thing in the morning.

What happens is the tough ,fibrous band of tissue (fascia). That connects the heel bone to the base of the toes. Becomes inflamed and painful.

For dancer's
Will often experience an increase in pain after class.
or after a long weight bearing activities.

Plantar Fascia pain can also, be influenced by tightness in the calf,
or the Achilles Tendon ,
or dancing on a hard surface or a non-sprung floor

The Treatment
The earlier this is detected the quicker it is done with.
Rest and Ice are the first treatment for this
Anti-inflamatory medican is helpful
If this condition continues seek a PT's help or
a Athletic training treatment is a good idea
If this becomes a Chronic people responed well to a overnight splint
of course issued by a doctor

The next one I want to talk about is a conidition know as Metatarsalgia

Most common complaint is pain over the balls of the feet

What is this condition?
Metatarsalgia is pain and tenderness along the ball of the foot. For dancers, this is commonly caused by unstable joints in the smaller toes.

How did it happen?
Repeated sprains and overstreached ligaments can lead to laxity, or a increased flexibility in theses joints.
What is ligament laxity?
Is defined as simply as loose ligaments. Wikipedia defines it as a condition know as
Ligamentous laxity Which is "in a normal body the ligaments connect bones and allow a normal range of motion. With laxed ligaments the range is increased . A examble would be double jointed elbow or knee
In a Dancer years of overworkand forcing extreme motion in the foot can increse laxity.
Also may cause subluxation of theses joints
Subluxation is definded as a partial dislocation

Rest and Ice since this is a inflamatory condition
Strengthening the muscles that control toe flexion
can be done with towel scrunches.
Place a towel on the ground..then use your toes to grab it while drawing it towards you.
A PT will most likely use a metatarsal pad placed just behind the balls of the feet can help prevent subluxation.
it also, may help relive the pain

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